Joel Haller's minimalist style delivers clean and sophisticated graphics and branding by breaking down the design to the bare minimum while delivering maximum impact. 

“Restraint is a key discipline
in my design.”

— Joel Haller

Specializing in branding and lifestyle graphics.

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Haller is inspired by his small-town-America roots. Specializing in branding and lifestyle graphics, he brings this all-American influence to his designs. 


Risk is a catalyst.

After earning his design degree, Haller’s professional career began with a leap of faith to France where he created men’s and women’s fashions and home collections. Since then, Haller has worked for some of the biggest names in apparel, sports and entertainment, from fashion mogul Ralph Lauren to athletic giants like Adidas. Currently, he resides in Phoenix, designing clothing collections and graphics as the Creative Director for Sportiqe Apparel Co. 


My Philosophy

Simple is better.

I am a minimalist with the mantra that "simple is better”.  This does not just apply in my personal life. It is also the way I create. Restraint is a key discipline in my design. 

One color is beautiful.

I love creating branded graphics. I am a definitely a brand guy!  I always initially design my graphics in one color.  It is very satisfying to step back and look at a striking black and white design that is simple yet sophisticated. One color is beautiful.

Be intuitive.

Being the youngest in a family of ten taught me to pay attention to what happens around me on a deeper level. My intuition has been a powerful guide, personally, professionally and in the design work itself.

My passion for great design fuels my desire to keep creating.